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HydrOcean, subsidiary of Bureau Veritas since 2015, offers design support for marine and offshore industries, enabling the evaluation and optimisation of marine structures performances and the reduction of risks of counter performances at design stage. Its unique expertise is based on a very experimented team, on the use of state of the art numerical simulation tools and on ability to perform experiments in partners' facilities. 

HydrOcean is a leading company in advanced numerical simulation for marine and offshore industries.

Client's benefits of optimisation studies

Euros saved by our clients
CO2 emission reduction


Why working with us ?

HydrOcean has a unique position focused on the marine and offshore industries, with one of the biggest team of engineers specialised in hydrodynamic and aerodynamic. With around 200 successful projects performed each year, we answer from simple to complex client requests with the most appropriate methodology : expertise, simulation, experiments.


How to work with us?

Whatever is your project's objectives, HydrOcean can offer multiple services covering your needs. From standard to complex studies, we will setup a methodology in order to solve your issues. We can also perform test cases and develop new services & methodologies to cover your needs. Don't hesitate to contact us to define the way we could collaborate.

Key Benefits

Reduce cost
Numerical simulation enables to reduce study and design costs, with improved performances  

Reduce project time schedule
Our studies enable to reduce design phases' duration, and can easily be integrated within project time schedule

Reduce risks at design stage
We enable to reduce risks by numericaly evaluating several designs and alternatives, on a lot of critical situations 

Increase profitability
Our services enable to improve our clients profitability, by reducing energy consumption or reducing failure risks



Key figures

2 to 4%
Mean accuracy of our CFD simulations for standard resistance and propulsion simulations

5 to 20
Average time reduction factor of our studies compared to model tests in tank

Number of successful projects performed by HydrOcean team

Number of solvers used for simulation projects

Number of computing cores available when undertaking our simulations

Number of clients country location over the world

Main references

Segula Technologies

Pape Engineering

Watt & Sea

Spindrift Racing




Ship Studio



Chantier Glehen