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Joining our team means to make the choice of innovation, excellence, customer satisfaction, personal development, integration in a high level engineer team...

HydrOcean's constant growth requires high qualification level and motivated engineers, with strong background in marine engineering (naval and offshore) and numerical simulation. Because this expertise is long to achieve, a continuous training plan is proposed to engineers, including the participation to R&D projects.


Professional development

After a period of training to our software, methodologies and services, engineers are involved on industrial projects as CFD engineers. After few years as engineer and an increased expertise developped on industrial and R&D projects, they start as project managers, being responsible for an engineer team, budget and time schedule in relationship with clients. Evolutions are then oriented depending on wishes toward expertise or toward commercial development.
From project engineer to software developer, passing through R&D engineer or expert, HydrOcean offers a wide range of opportunities.



Our culture is based on passion for marine activities and client satisfaction oriented, based on humility and transparency, on solidarity between the team. In a leading edge company, working on most innovative solvers and services, the knowledge is developed by sharing  ideas and confronting point of views.


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