Presentation of Tecnitas-HydrOcean, a Bureau Veritas Group Company

Tecnitas-HydrOcean offers a full range of advisory services to support clients. As a dedicated subsidiary of Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore, we offer access to specialist expertise around the world, via all our offices, and the whole Bureau Veritas network. We are also able to put this expertise to work in other industrial sectors.

Tecnitas-HydrOcean gather former teams of Tecnitas and HydrOcean that merged in June 2018 to provide to ship-owners and shipyards one of the most global technical offer available including numerical and experimental engineering services, risk, reliability and maintenance services ….

Tecnitas-HydrOcean main activities are advisory services based on :

  • Expert team in naval architecture, marine engineering, risk analysis …
  • Numerical simulation tools, including state of the art and innovative CFD solvers, Finite Element solvers, CAD, stability software ….
  • Tests and measurements performed at model scale or on-board with a dedicated team able to operate and supervise in partners’ facilities

Our core team is located in France, with other engineers located in south and North Europe, Singapore, China, US. This worldwide presence enables us to work closely with ship owners and shipyards, to provide the most efficient collaboration.

 Expertise, calculations, measurements and skills to help you make the right decision

Our hallmarks are our strong technical expertise, and our culture of listening to clients, who often come to us seeking a solution to a specific problem. Clients turn to us for three main reasons: to optimize the asset all along its life-cycle (ships, offshore units; industrial plants), to increase its performance, to reduce risks and to improve its reliability, availability and maintainability.

 A dedicated structure benefiting from the wide expertise of the Bureau Veritas Group

As part of the Bureau Veritas group, we benefit from pooled expertise and the specialist knowledge of Bureau Veritas experts worldwide for specific projects.