Hydrocean Complex flow

Hydrocean offers design support

in the marine field, with the use of innovative numerical simulation tools capable of accurately simulating the most simple to the most complex hydrodynamic or aerodynamic phenomena. Key benefits for our clients are the decrease of risks during offshore operations and the reduction of design studies' time schedule.

Unique CFD Platform

20 CFD engineers/Ph.Ds, 8 complementary numerical solvers, Unlimited number of licenses of inhouse solvers, Access to large CPU clusters, Over 150 successful projects,More than 50 clients worldwide in marine industry.

Our engineering services


The Complex Flow department covers a wide range of topics including ditching, tyre aquaplanning, sloshing, greenwater events simulations... Its work is characterised by the diversity in methodology and approach: theoretical approach, simulation with innovative solvers and modelling and analysis.

Our global team composed of highly qualified engineers and PhDs will ensure you a good comprehension of your problem.



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