FPSO free decay simulations

Water filling of a structure during lowering phase

Spray generated by the bow wave on a motorboat while cruising in rough sea

Regular and irregular wave propagation in CFD

Influence of geometry detail on aerodynamic coefficients

Calm buoy in irregular waves

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JIP HAWAY : blind CFD calculations (towing & current coefficients)

Albatros bulbous bow optimisation

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Tanker ship maneuvering

Simulations of underwater explosions

Groupama Sailing Team's VO70 optimisation

Numerical Tank EU project - Added Resistance in Waves

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Wing sail optimisation of a C Class Catamaran

Vibration risk analysis

Seakeeping simulation with ICARE-LS SWENSE CFD model

Self-propulsion with actuator disk

Benchmark of RANSE solvers for open water simulations

Cyclope project : 3D simulation of a ship entering water with forced motion

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FSI Coupling - Ariane 5 booster impact

Numerical evaluation of a stern's tunnel thrusters on a cruiser

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Elbe Princesse : Evaluation of the performances of a paddlewheel vessel

Proof of Concept : Trim Optimisation in Self-Propulsion

Fixed FPSO in bichromatic waves

DTMB5415 : resistance evaluation test case

Maneuvering Hamburgh test case

Self-propulsion with rotating propeller

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