Software distribution

Working with HydrOcean's tools and software can be done in several ways. We offer very flexible solutions adapted to your budget and time schedule constraints. HydrOcean offers a large range of services around CFD software, including the licence distribution, the development and maintenance of the solvers and of course training and support.

1- Licence of our software

HydrOcean distributes licences of its solvers enabling clients to perform simulations by themselves.

2 - Cloud computing

Access to our Numerical Towing Tank, in the most flexible way with our new service on the cloud.
With this service, you will pay only when using the software, with a huge CPU power available. Our platform is based on Bull - Serviware solution, and has been adapted to our solvers. Upload your mesh, fill online the minimum parameters of your simulations, and after few minutes or hours of simulations, download your results.

3- Development of specific functionalities in our solvers

HydrOcean develops their own solvers, and can then adapt them to client needs. Adding new functionalities within a project is therefore possible.

4- Development and maintenance of client solvers

HydrOcean's team is highly qualified in scientific software development and industrialisation. We propose dedicated services to our clients allowing the development of new functionalities in their in-house software, improvement of HPC capabilities, and maintenance of the solver in a dedicated environment.

5- Training and support

HydrOcean offers dedicated training and support on all aspects of software use and developments:
- training and support on all HydrOcean's software, including training on test cases provided by the clients
- general purpose trainings on hydrodynamics, numerical simulation, high performance computing ...