Large range of services dedicated to the offshore industry

Current coefficients

Computation of current coefficients on offshore floating or fixed structures, including side by side and shallow water.

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Damping and added mass coefficients

Determination of damping and added mass coefficients of appended hulls or complex structures.

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Nonlinear wave simulations

Direct nonlinear wave simulations. Regular or irregular waves, on long or short durations.

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Wave impact loads

Evaluation of impact wave loading : slamming, greenwater and extreme waves.

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Aerodynamic coefficients

Determination of aerodynamic coefficients of topsides, including detailed geometry.

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Sloshing and multiphase flows

Modelling of sloshing phenomena and multiphase flows in tanks or offshore devices.

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Hull form optimisation

Parametric and automated evaluation and optimisation of hydrodynamic performances.

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Evaluation of Vortex Induced Vibration and Vortex Induced Motion.