Large range of services dedicated to the shipping industry

Energy efficiency services

New construction

Our services dedicated to new construction's projects 

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Our solutions dedicated to existing ship's modifications for a performance optimisation.

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Our services dedicated to the improvement of ship's performance during operations.

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Numerical towing tank

Ship Resistance Evaluation

Evaluation of ship resistance without or with appendages.

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Ship power evaluation

Evaluation of ship power through self-propulsion simulations (actuator disk or rotating propeller)

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Hull form optimisation

Optimisation of hull, appendages or propeller hydrodynamic perforances allowing huge fuel savings

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Trim optimisation

Optimisation of ship trim by the computation of a full CFD database of ship performances

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Ship maneuvering capabilities

Evaluation of ship maneuvering capabilities with steady (drift or/and girating) or direct unsteady simulations

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Added resistance in waves

Evaluation of added resistance in regular or irregular waves


Assessing and optimising the seakeeping performances of ships.

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Wave impact loads

Determination of wave impact loads (slamming and green water events)

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Numerical wind tunnel

Aerodynamic drag

Determinaton of aerodynamic drag on ship superstructures

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