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HydrOcean offers design support

in the marine field, with the use of innovative numerical simulation tools capable of accurately simulating the most simple to the most complex hydrodynamic or aerodynamic phenomena. We offers design support in the yachting field, enabling huge fuel and operating cost savings for motor yacht and performance increasing for sailboat.

Unique CFD Platform

20 CFD engineers/Ph.Ds, 8 complementary numerical solvers, Unlimited number of licenses of inhouse solvers, Access to large CPU clusters, Over 150 successful projects,
More than 50 clients worldwide in marine industry.

Our engineering services

HydrOcean proposes a large range of services, including the evaluation and optimisation of hull/propeller/appendices, added resistance in waves and wave loads, maneuvering, aerodynamic drag ...

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Case studies

To get a better overview of our activity and our skills, click on the links below to discover detailed presentations of projects we worked on for companies of the yachting industry. 


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Structures Services



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