Technologies and Visions

HydrOcean's vision is that numerical simulation will be more and more integrated in the design process of marine ships and structures.

The efficient use of numerical simulation tools is intimately linked with the expertise of engineers, the number of licenses, the accuracy and speed of the solvers that are used, and the number of processor. HydrOcean has at its disposal a unique and dedicated CFD platform including:

  • 20 experienced engineers, half of them with PhDs
  • 9 complementary numerical solvers (RANSE, potential, SPH...)
  • Unlimited number of licences of in-house CFD solvers
  • Hull modeller, meshing and data processing software
  • Access to over 8 000 CPU cores

Erwan JACQUIN, HydrOcean's CEO says:

"HydrOcean's  main objective is client satisfaction. We concentrate all our efforts on delivering the  highest quality studies while respecting  our clients time and budget constrains. For example, in the shipping industry our aim is to increase vessel performances, to reduce harmful gas emissions and increase our client's profitability."

Our development is based on a vision that is explained hereafter.



Provide global services from engineering to software distribution

Numerical simulation provides major advantages compared with experimental and real tests, in terms of:

  • Time schedule
  • Cost
  • Accuracy

Nevertheless, simulation remains a complex field, with huge difficulties that need to be overcome. HydrOcean therefore proposes global services including engineering services performed by experimented engineers and marine software distribution with dedicated training and advanced support.


Access to huge CPU power and to unlimited number of CFD solvers licenses

HydrOcean performs most of the calculations in the studies with the viscous free surface Navier Stokes solvers ICARE or ISIS-CFD. HydrOcean have access to an unlimited number of licences of these solvers enabling the evaluation of several projects at the same time without impacting the time schedule. This unlimited number of licences also enables to perform intensive optimisations by evaluating hundreds of designs in a very short time period.

The efficient use of CFD tools is also linked very closely to the number of processors available for the project. HydrOcean has at its disposal an access to over 8 000 CPU cores, composed of an in-house cluster and access to clusters of CPU centers accessible throughout security transfer protocols.