Consulting services offered by HydrOcean

Our services dedicated to the marine field

 HydrOcean is exclusively involved in the marine fields:

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Ship owners and operators
Design & engineering offices
Naval architects
Ship yards

Oil Companies
Main contractors

Engineering companies

Naval architects
Boat Yards
Racing teams


How to work with us ?

Collaboration with HydrOcean carried out in several ways, and we offer very flexible solutions adapted to your budget constraints and time schedule.

1- Consulting

Consulting services enable to work with HydrOcean following a defined scope of work. We can answer to your request with a detailed technical and commercial proposal, with a fixed cost and time schedule. If you choose to work with us, a project manager will be nominated to lead the study, with a dedicated team composed by engineers and experts. Deliverables are adapted to your needs: synthetic or detailed report, summary of results in an Excel spreadsheet, simulation results files (images & videos)...

2- Expertise

HydrOcean provides specific expertise on topics including hydrodynamics, aerodynamics, fluid structure interactions, numerical simulations, High Performance Computing... Our experts are involved in all projects, but can also be involved on specific missions for clients. They are availble for example to define an adapted methodology involving experiments and simulations, they can also be involved as third parties.

3- Onsite engineer

When consulting with a fixed scope of work is not possible, HydrOcean proposes on specific projects to provide onsite engineers, including access to our solvers and CPU power. These engineers work with a daily rate, and a hourly rate is proposed for solver licences and CPU time cost. This type of collaboration is very well adapted for projects which CFD engineers need to be integrated in a project team, enabling daily ajustments of the scope of work and objectives.

4 - R&D projects

HydrOcean proposes to setup and/or to be integrated in Research & Development projects, when the content of the project requires specific developments, validations or investigations. Time schedule is generally longer than for consulting projects (few months) enabling to investigate the subject of the project in more detail.